Alien Stripper claims Martians baby is iCizzles

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Alien Stripper claims Martians baby is iCizzles

In a story from outer space. A stripper claims she gave birth to a maroon baby that is icizzles. It happened last year when source tells us that they saw the stripper and iCizzle at Denny’s getting a cup of coffee. The two sipped and flirted with each other for hours until it turned 11pm. A waiter at the Denny’s witnessed the two leaving walking hand in hand out of the restaurant. What happened next is speculation at this point. But we did add up the days and the date she gave birth to the martian son matches within days of the two getting coffee at Denny’s.

I guess we’ll have to wait for the DNA test on Maury to find out if it is indeed iCizzle’s Martian Son.

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