A Quiet Place (2018) keeps you on the edge of your seat

Posted By: Tyrone Hatersville On:

A Quiet Place has a lot of hype going. I was excited to see what they would do with this movie. Good premise and check. Decent actors and check. Mostly original idea and check.

I must admit I was a little scared going into the theater for this one. Not sure why. Maybe all the hype around how scary this was for a PG-13 rating. I’ve watched almost all the alien movies so this will be a breeze. Right?

You can’t make a sound ok. If you do you’re as good as dead! We learn this early on in the film. The theater was packed and for this kind of movie that’s a good thing.  you can hear the voice over guy on the previews… See it in a pack theater.  The trailers did a good job at teasing us.  Some the scenes I remember seeing in the previews was the giving brith in a bathtub in complete silence while the creature that’s gonna kill you is lurking in the room next to you. I was a bit let down at how they handled it.

The first 45 minutes are pretty slow but that’s ok. It’s ok because they are placing the dominos to fall for the last 45 minutes. The last 45 minutes are a thrill ride. Some problems I have with this movie and they are small problems are the last 10 minutes. The choices the lead characters make aren’t the best. I was disappointed. You could of done better than that John.  I mean I get why you did that. But really?

The ending wasn’t much better. However, The film is so tightly edited and so crafty.  The acting is on point.  The creatures are scary and the sound design is…. Perfect!

FINAL Snore: 0 Snores out of 0 Snores. This is a wide awake on the edge of your seat classic.  Maybe this is what a Home Alone reboot would look like? Instead of bumbling idiots make them bumbling alien idiots.  Don’t miss this one!

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