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Stickgang Biz is an California rapper.

In 2006, Biz released his debut album First Time in the booth under the alias Westcoast Biz.

Email: bizwestcoast@yahoo.com

Website: stickgang.com

Social Networks: FB:Biz e Bee/ instagram: Biznolastname/ Snapchat: Stickgang Biz

Where did you grow up?

Talk about some places you have lived since your birth

Who are you and what are you about?

What is your “artist name” meaning or how you got it and what ideal you represent as that artist.

I grew up in Los Angeles, Ca. On the last west side street before it turned to east side, Main st. is the divider. I lived between Broadway and Main st.
Never lived anywhere else.

My name is Biz. Short for Busy Body. It Came from the fact that I was always on the move. You could have seen me earlier in the day then call me that night and I’m in Canada or Miami or somewhere. I was Always doing something. Always had a lot of energy.

So Busy Body which I spelled Biz e Body got shortened to Busy Boy (Biz e Boy) then shortened to Busy Bee (Biz e Bee) then shortened to Busy (Bizee) then Just Biz. All these stages took years. Maybe in the future they’ll just be callin me B.

What happened in your youth?


Talk about some key life events in your youth that shaped who you are today.

I spent a lot of time with winos that hung around liquor stores and crackheads in dope spots. They taught me a lot. People disregard them but they intrigued me. They had valuable life experiences, the addiction was just one area in their life.

When I was 15 I was introduced to crack cocaine and my lil homie Chamu told me that he had just flipped some crack which meant he doubled his money and he showed me how. All I had was $5 to my name. He took me around the corner to a older homie who sold me a $5 double up. We walked towards the liquor store 2 blocks up. 1 block up I sold one crack rock for $5 and I still had another one just like it and no doubt my life was defined right then. To this day I’ve never had a job. I’ve never filled out a application. I’ve never received a payroll check.

When did becoming an artist take place?

Tell a story about the moment you became an artist.

Me and my brother KB used to rap freestyle as preteens. Probably just like every other rapper I would stop and go with rap over the years. in ’06 I was released from jail and KB had

an album and a deal. That put me back in it. I went to jail again but I wrote a couple albums this time.

I became a artist when my homie K Break took me to the studio to record some records I had wrote in jail. Prior to the studio I had never rapped to a beat. After the studio I probably never freestyled again.


Do you have a claim to fame?

Is there anything you’ve done that you are Very Proud of. Something everyone gives you credit for.

I wrote edited formatted and published my own novels. I got an award in New York for my first book. I have the best looking SEAHAWKS football team themed barbershop in the north west Washington. I created a clothing line called BIZ E BEE APPAREL that is in demand.

Why did you decide to become an artist?

Talk about some beliefs, family, friends, words, artists, movies, etc. that inspired you to become the artist you are today and hope to be in the future..

I’m a lil influenced by most artists. I’m a fan of hip hop. We grew up together. The fire in my music right now is lit from the proliferation of fake ass blood and fake ass shooter and fake

ass ballin rappers nowadays. Everybody has an opinion and I’m voicing mines.

At times throughout my life I felt like I couldn’t get where I

wanted to with the music but right now I do

Reppin’ “Los Angeles”


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