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Reppin’ New Orleans

Born in New Orleans, visited his auntie ReRe Los Angeles, California, started breakdancing in ’84.  Went to Youth Authority in ’88 because he got caught at LAX with 2 1/2 kilos of cocaine. He was locked down from ’88 to ’92,

When he was released he was paroled to New Orleans, that’s when he started making music with “High Power Records” and made the regional hits called “Smokin that weed, smokin that fire” and “Rowdy” featuring Lady Red. sold 46,000 units.


He signed a distribution deal for $250,000 in December ’96. Then got arrested in February ’97 by the Feds for conspiracy to sell cocaine. Los was sentenced to 12 years, he did 10 years 4 months and was released in 2007. He secured a label deal with the Comedian Katt Williams for Katt Pack Records. Los toured with Katt Williams on his “Pimpin, Pimpin and American Hustle tours, then dropped a couple mixtapes, Katt Williams personal and legal troubles cause Los to have to go his own route and started Larger Than Life Records.


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