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Geech was born and raised on the west side of Toledo, Ohio.

He Started rappin at the age of 11 with his homies, beating on lunch tables in the cafeteria at Mc Kinley School. At the age of 13 he started gang banging.

He dropped his first mixtape titled “Get it how you live” at age 15 while attending  Roy C. Start high school.

Geech’s parents got divorced which left him homeless. he slept on friend’s floors and couches while still going to school with a dream of being in the NFL.

He had a daughter towards the end of his senior year, eventhough all this was goin on, he managed to keep good attendance and good grades to pass to the next grade, even while transferring from school to school for fighting. he was kicked out of the Toledo public school district and send to Washington Local School District but this unstable and wild but smart young man still graduated on time with his class.

He enrolled into Owens Community College but dropped out after the 1st quarter.

Due to living in a low class poverty stricken city, jobs never materialized for Geech. He tried group temp services but they never translated into permanent work, so he eventually, became a product of his environment and never looked back.

Fast Forward: This is The Man you receive today. (C) GEECHAPO  #GM5 – COMIN SOON!!!!


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